Welcome to iApple's Home Site! iApples are custom transparent vinyl decals that overlay your Apple Macbook glowing LED logo! Unlike conventional stickers, iApples are removable and reusable, so you can apply and remove as often as you desire! See the video below for details!  We offer over 100 designs in the iAppleDecals.com store, from the classic retro Apple logo, to other works of art and are creating new items daily! Don't see something you like? 

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iApple Frequently Asked Questions...

What are iApples?

iApples are translucent (see through) decals that fit over your glowing Apple Macbook LED.  They are removable, reusable, scratch resistant and 100% waterproof and tear proof.  

How are iApples made?

iApples are created in a three part process that takes two days to properly construct.   iApples are made of a two part removable adhesive medium and gloss protective film coating.  In between those two layers are the best ink pigments we can get, ensuring fade resistance and the most vibrant colors!  

Are iApples removable?

They sure are...but you won't want to remove them!  In case you do want to, however, just slide the supplied backing paper glossy side up under the decal and remove slowly.  You can apply and remove your iApples dozens of times with no residue or damage to your Mac, backed with a 100% no-goo guarantee!

Do iApples fit all model Macbooks?

Yes they do.  As a matter of fact, most Macbooks all have the exact size LED logo.  We have researched this extensively to create decals that fit to a minimally +1 mm fitment.  You will never have white light leaking around your iApple.  We guarantee it or your money back!  

Do iApples have a guarantee?

Absolutely!  If you are less than satisfied, return your iApple to us, no questions asked.  We do respectfully ask for your feedback in these situations so we can improve our product.  We have had a grand total of two returns with our thousands and thousands of customers we have served over the years. We feel quite confident you will love your iApple forever. 

How long can I expect my iApple to last?

We have iApples on our laptops around the studio for the better part of three years.  Some of these, we have removed many times and reapplied.  We feel we can honestly say this would be the minimum life you can expect under normal circumstances...more years are expected though as ours look good as new still!

I want to make my own iApple, what do i do?

Click on the link in the menu bar "create an iApple".  That page will tell you about this simple process.  We will have your iApple created in most cases in under 24 hours and ready to ship within 3 days.  

I still have more questions...

We welcome your questions and feedback!  Please use the contact us form on the menu bar to send us a message or give us a call.  We appreciate your interest in our product and will be there for you before and after your purchase as a iApple customer for life.

iApple Product Demo Video - Click the video below to view iApples in use!

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